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Topographically, France is one of the most complex countries in Europe.  Flat plains, famous rivers, towering mountain ranges, and miles of beaches combine to make a varied landscape which defines the country.

relief map of France
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Seine River in Autumn Many of France's most popular destinations fall along rivers.  The Seine bisects Paris, where it easily qualifies as one of the most-painted rivers in the world! Famous chateaus line the Loire River, which at just over 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) is the longest river in France.  The banks of the Rhone are dotted with vineyards and Roman ruins as the river winds its way through southern France.

Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern France Plains dominate the northwest half of the country, with gently rolling hills in the north and west.  The Pyrenees mountain range divides France from Andorra and Spain to the south, while the snow-capped Alps rise in the east toward Italy and Switzerland.  The Alps are home to Mont Blanc, which at just under 16,000 feet is the highest mountain in France.

In the south, sandy beaches line the warm Mediterranean.  The Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay border the west and the English Channel, the north.  While France itself measures approximately 600 miles across in any direction, the coastline is more than 2,000 miles long.

French riviera, Nice, France
French Riviera - Nice, France

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